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Jeff Roberts Takes Wild One At The Sportsdrome As A Fill In Driver For A Night

The most entertaining race of the night was the Dromer Oval on Saturday at the Jeffersonville, Indiana Sportsdrome Speedway. Todd Hash took the lead from the front row with Nick Johnson taking over second place on lap 3 from Scott Bruner.The first of many cautions came on lap 5 when the 4 car of Joe Clapp spun and was hit by the 60 of Perry Whitsett II. One lap into the restart, Hash and Johnson hooked bumpers and spun each other out. Hash got himself back underway, but Johnson could not. The race was red flagged. This meant that Hash would get his spot back at the front of the pack while Johnson went to the pits for the remainder of the race. So when the race was restarted, it was Hash again in the lead with Mike Bivens now in second. Bobby Corbin III worked his way up and took the second place position on lap 11. The next race stoppage occurred on lap 14 when the 34 of Jeff Roberts, subbing for Ronnie Basham III, spun in turns 1 and 2. At the same time, Jeff Whobrey, a strong contender, blew up the motor and spilled oil all over the mainstretch. Lap 22 seen the next red flag when a bunch of cars got together on the main stretch with Dustin Wilkerson spinning and getting hit by Roberts. With only 3 laps remaining, Corbin was poised to possibly take the lead as he had been putting pressure on the leader. But on lap 23, Tony Dunn in the 3 car, lost a wheel causing a pileup in turn 3 and another red flag. Then during the caution, Corbin suddenly blew a tire and had to go to the pits for a change. This would automatically send him to the tail of the field when he returned for the restart. Todd Hash would then go on to capture the victory with Bivens getting second. Chad Deeley had a good run and finished third with Whitsett getting fourth and Doug Wicker fifth.

In the figure 8 feature for the Dromers, it was Jeff Roberts jumping into the early lead. He had Nick Johnson in second place and was keeping the pressure on. The race was marked by a hard intersection crash on lap 12 between Craig Wilder and Raemen Riley. Both drivers were all right but both cars suffered lots of damage. Roberts continued to hold off Johnson as he would go on to win the 25 lap feature and also take the overall combined award for both features. Johnson had to settle for second in the figure 8 with Scott Bruner third, Doug Wicker fourth, and BJ Cadle fifth.

The Oval Xtreme 30 lap feature had Marcus Elliott get out to the early lead and simply run away with it. Chris Anderson, in his first xtreme race, held onto second deep into the race but spun and went out with just a couple laps remaining. The real battle then was between James Wayne and Alan Williams Jr. as they fought for that second place spot as the laps wound down. In the end it was Elliott taking the win with Wayne winning the war for second. Williams settled for third with Troy Phillips fourth and Mark Whitaker fifth.

In the FWD divisions, it was Jake McFelea taking the oval A feature as he led wire to wire in the 20 lap event. Dillon Kaelin took second as he made a strong run from the back of the field. Billy Higgins Jr took third with Ricky Puckett fourth and John Kennybrook fifth.

The B feature for the FWD Oval would have David Sidebottom take the lead but with Colt Moore in hot pursuit. On lap 9 Moore would make the pass and take the victory in the 20 lapper. Sidebottom finished second with Nick Cooper third. David Ross in the 14 car got fourth and James Blanchard was fifth.

The FWD Figure 8 feature was dealt with a lot of scratches in the 20 lap event as several drivers could not make it after their oval features. Ricky Puckett took the lead as the battle for second got ugly as Scott Bruner and Colt Moore got together hard going into turn four. The red came out as things were sorted out with Moore able to continue but Bruner getting put on the hook. Puckett had to hold off a strong challenge from Zack Bube in the final laps, but was up to the task as took the win. Bube was second with Bubby Gedling third, Moore fourth, and Derek Bradshaw fifth.


                                           Dromer Oval - Todd Hash



                                    Dromer F8 & Overall - Jeff Roberts


                                           Oval Xtreme - Marcus Elliott


                                         FWD Oval A - Jake McFelea


                            FWD Oval B - Colt Moore

                            FWD F8 - Ricky Puckett

Results 4/13/13:

Dromers: Heat Winners- 5 Todd Hash, 29 Bobby Corbin III

25 Lap Oval Feature:

1st- 5 Todd Hash
2nd- 8 Mike Bivens
3rd- 18 Chad Deeley
4th- 60 Perry Whitsett II
5th- 83 Doug Wicker
6th- 34 Jeff Roberts
7th- 2 Tommy Hardison
8th- 15 Craig Wilder
9th- 29 Bobby Corbin III
10th- 10 Kenny Decker
11th- 56 Lonnie Ritter
12th- 23 Stoney Keith
13th- 3 Tony Dunn
14th- 4 Joe Clapp
15th- 07 Dustin Wilkerson
16th- 49 BJ Cadle
17th- 06 Roy Douglas
18th- 6 Scott Bruner
19th- 28 Jeff Whobrey
20th - 19 Robert Hutchinson
21st - 11 Nick Johnson

25 Lap Figure 8 Feature:

1st - 34 Jeff Roberts
2nd - 11 Nick Johnson
3rd - 6 Scott Bruner
4th - 83 Doug Wicker
5th - 49 BJ Cadle
6th - 10 Larry Estep Jr
7th - 23 Joe Moore
8th - 8 Mike Bivens
9th - 2 Eddie Elkins
10th- 06 Alton Lohdon
11th- 19 Robert Hutchinson
12th - 60 Perry Whitsett II
13th - 07 Ray Ewing
14th - 15 Craig Wilder
15th - 56 Raemen Riley
DNS - 29 Bobby Corbin III
DNS - 4 Harry Hardin
DNS - 5 Todd Hash
DNS - 28 Jeff Whobrey
DNS - 3 Harold Murphy

Dromer Combined Overall:

1st - 34 Jeff Roberts
2nd - 83 Doug Wicker
3rd - 8 Mike Bivens
4th - 60 Perry Whitsett II
5th - 2 Tommy Hardison/ Eddie Elkins
6th - 10 Kenny Decker / Larry Estep Jr
7th - 5 Todd Hash
8th - 23 Stoney Keith / Joe Moore
9th - 18 Chad Deeley
10th- 6 Scott Bruner
11th- 49 BJ Cadle
12th - 15 Craig Wilder
13th - 11 Nick Johnson
14th - 29 Bobby Corbin III
15th - 56 Lonnie Ritter / Raemen Riley
16th - 06 Roy Douglas / Alton Lohdon
17th- 07 Dustin Wilkerson / Ray Ewing
18th - 3 Tony Dunn / Harold Murphy
19th- 4 Joe Clapp / Harry Hardin
20th - 19 Robert Hutchinson
21st - 28 Jeff Whobrey

Oval Xtreme: Heat Winners- 20 Marcus Elliott, 13 Brandon Deckard

30 Lap Feature:

1st - 20 Marcus Elliott
2nd- 25 James Wayne
3rd- 85 Alan Williams Jr
4th- 39 Troy Phillips
5th- 00 Mark Whitaker
6th- 90 Chris Bailey
7th- 13 Brandon Deckard
8th- 26 Jeff Laws Jr
9th- 59 Nick Cook
10th- 33 John Lee
11th- 0 Sammy Davis
12th- 1 Chris Anderson
13th- 56 Larry Curry
14th- 21 Brent Davis
15th- 88 Trevor Jones
16th- 28 David Parsons
17th- 99 John Saltsgaver
18th- 23 David Russell Jr
19th- 40 Ron Minyard
20th- 67 Rick Harper
21st- 69 Dan Bates
DNS - 14 Josh Clemons

FWD Oval:Heat Winners-6 David Sidebottom, 7 Colt Moore, 1 Jake McFelea, 84 John Kennybrook

20 Lap A Feature:

1st- 1 Jake McFelea
2nd- 18 Dillon Kaelin
3rd- 27 Billy Higgins Jr
4th- 99 Ricky Puckett
5th- 84 John Kennybrook
6th- 15 Austin Williams
7th- 57 Steve Larue
8th- 43 Bubby Gedling
9th- 17 Royce Harmon
10th- 64 Derek Smith
11th- 74 Austin Baum
12th- 31 Chris Maynard
13th - 00 Joseph Dellinger
14th - 93 Alex Bube
15th - 49 Derick Bradshaw
16th - 79 Tony Nichols III
17th - 22 Tyler Redden
18th - 23 Dillard Graham Neighbors
19th - 40 Travis Vaughn
DNS - 98 CJ Higgins

20 Lap B Feature:

1st - 7 Colt Moore
2nd - 6 David Sidebottom
3rd - 44 Nick Cooper
4th - 14 David Ross
5th - 97 James Blanchard
6th - 02 Jason Zollman
7th- 04 Terry Garvin Jr
8th- 10 Austin Scott
9th- 70 Matt Fulkerson
10th - 36 Donnie Wate
11th- 41 Kevin Vaughn
12th- 89 Zach Beaver
13th- 5 Joey French
14th- 34 Robert Easter
15th- 06 Tim Lohdon
16th- 33 Wayne Slauter
17th- 09 Tyler Scott
DNS- 78 Mike Scott
DNS- 69 Miranda Ilari
DNS - 56 Tony Lyle
DNS - 32 Corey Whitney
DNS- 45 Cliff Pennington

FWD F8- Heat Winners- 99 Ricky Puckett, 93 Jeremy Clary

20 Lap Feature:

1st - 99 Ricky Puckett
2nd - 93 Zach Bube
3rd - 43 Bubby Gedling
4th - 7 Colt Moore
5th - 49 Derek Bradshaw
6th - 70 Rick Rein
7th - 23 David Sidebottom
8th - 36 Donnie Wate
9th - 84 John Kennybrook
10th - 10 Tom Scott
11th - 44 Nick Cooper
12th - 6 Scott Bruner
DNS - 00 Joseph Dellinger
DNS - 5 Joey French
DNS - 27 Billy Higgins Jr
DNS- 72 John Groulx
DNS- 64 Derek Smith
DNS - 56 John Perkins Jr
DNS - 13 Brian Krebs