Shady Bowl Speedway
Degraff, OH

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Carroll takes “Run Whatcha Brung” Modified Main


DeGraff, Ohio 09-27-14  Mike Carroll of Kettering won the “Run Whatcha Brung” Modified challenge Saturday night at Shady Bowl Speedway. Some of the modifieds had some really wild wings as they rounded the oval attempting to catch Carroll.  Buddy Townsend was second followed by Kenny George, Mike Pippin and Curt Frazier rounding out the top five. Mike Carroll was fast qualifier with a 13.200 time.

Before the modified race the Bowl ran the Make-up Features from last Saturday night (09[E1] -20-14) that were rained out.

First on the agenda was the Street Stocks with Jacob Muncy taking the win, with Rex Purtee, Jason Drummond, Chad Small and Richard Roush rounding out the top five. Dave Sage was the Street Stock points Champ for 2014.

In the compact make up feature saw Kenny George take the checker with Nicholas Meade, Terry Eaton Jr., Jason Mahaffey and Chris Prater finishing in the top five.  Nicholas Meade was your Compact Points Champion for 2014.

Tuners were up next for their make up feature with Terry Eaton Jr. taking the win and also capturing the Tuner Points Champion for 2014. Following behind Eaton was Rodney Roush, Austin Eaton, Paul Holley and Damon Killen.

Next on the schedule was the Street Stocks for this evenings event.

Dash was taken by Rodney Roush with Brian Brandyberry and Chris Prater taking heat wins. Feature was won by Jacob Muncy followed by Rodney Roush, Jason Drummond, Scott Sullenberger and Rex Purtee.

Pro 4’s were on hand tonight with Justin Meed setting fast time with a 14.587.  Justin had a big night besides setting fast time he also won the feature with Steve Clarkson Jr., Paul Hazelett and Matt Thompson finishing behind. Justin Meed was also the 2014 Pro 4 Champion.

Dwarfs were next on the playing card.  Daniel Wirick won the “Max Evans Memorial” feature with Jason Hitchcock, Zach Hitchcock, Rob Dutra and Connie Smith rounding out the top five. The feature saw Greg Sparks get caught up in a yellow flag coming into turn four causing him to launch off the front wheel of one of the competitors and hitting the wall hard, with car catching on fire. Sparks was able to get out of the car without serious harm.  Later after the races it was noted that he did break his leg. Heat winners were Greg Sparks and Zach Hitchcock.

In the tuner division we saw Austin Eaton win his first ever feature with Chris Crosier taking second followed by Paul Holley, Eddie Kemp and Rodney Roush. Dash Winner was Rodney Roush and Chris Crozier taking the heat win.

Next week will be the last race of the 2014 season. It will be the ALL AMERICAN COMPACT CHALLENGE paying $1,000 to win. Also on hand will be the Tuners running 25 laps for $400 to win and Street Stocks running 35 laps paying $700 to win.  Racing starts at 7.    


Shady Bowl Speedway Results 09-20-14 (rained out events)

Street Stocks

Dash Winner: Jacob Muncy

Heat Winners: Jason Drummond, Donnie Hall and Rodney Kreusch

Feature: 1. Jacob Muncy 2. Rex Purtee 3. Jason Drummond 4. Chad Small 5. Richard Roush 6. Josh Sage 7. Andy Heath 8. Donnie Hall 9. Robert Roush 10. Cory Lauderbach 11. Josh Longstreth 12. Timmy Hines 13. Rodney Roush 14. Rodney Kreusch 15. Brian Reeser 16. Roger Roush


Dash Winner: Rodney Roush

Heat Winner: Paul Holley

Feature: 1. Terry Eaton Jr. 2. Rodney Roush 3. Austin Eaton 4. Paul Holley 5. Damon Killen 6. Larry Kemp 7. Eddie Kemp 8. Mike Wintrow 9. Les Rhodes


Dash Winner: Nicholas Meade

Heat Winners: Terry Eaton jr. and Chris Prater

Feature: 1. Kenny George 2. Nicholas Meade 3. Terry Eaton Jr. 4. Jason Mahaffey 5. Chris Prater 6. Garrett Adams 7. Zach Doolin 8. Chris Lucas 9. Rob Taylor

Results 09-27-14

Outlaw Modifieds

Fast Qualifier: Mike Carroll 13.200

Dash Winner: Mike Carroll

Feature: 1. Mike Carroll 2. Buddy Townsend 3. Kenny George 4. Mike Pippin 5. Curt Frazier 6. Brian Reeser 7. Nick Smith

Street Stocks

Fast Qualifier: Jacob Muncy 14.789

Dash Winner: Rodney Roush

Heat Winners: Brian Brandyberry and Chris Prater

Feature: 1. Jacon Muncy 2. Rodney Roush 3. Jason Drummond 4. Scott Sullenberger 5. Rex Purtee 6. Josh Sage 7. Rodney Kreusch 8. Brian Brandyberry 9. Frank Harvey 10. Richard Roush 11. Robert Roush 12. Chris Prater 13. Cory Lauderbach 14. Timmy Hines 15. Chad Small 16. Brian Reeser 17. Josh Longstreth 18. Roger Roush


Fast Qualifier: Terry Eaton Jr. 15.456

Dash Winner: Rodney Roush

Heat Winner: Chris Crozier

Feature: 1. Austin Eaton 2. Chris Crozier 3. Paul Holley 4. Eddie Kemp 5. Rodney Roush 6. Mike Wintrow 7. Damon Killen 8. Larry Kemp 9. Terry Eaton Jr. 10. Les Rhodes


Fast Qualifier: Brandon Basye 13.868

Dash Winner: Greg Sparks

Heat Winner: Zach Hitchcock

Max Evans Memorial Feature: 1. Daniel Wirrick 2. Jason Hitchcock 3. Zach Hitchcock 4. Rob Dutra 5. Connie Smith 6. Tristen Francis 7. Donnie Eaton 8. Brandon Basye 9. Jesse Gade 10. Ryan Miller 11. Greg Sparks 12. Aaron Chatfield

Pro 4’s

Fast Qualifier: Justin Meed 14.587

Feature: 1. Justin Meed 2. Steve Clarkson Jr. 3. Paul Hazelett 4. Matt Thompson