Shady Bowl Speedway
Degraff, OH

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Shady Bowl Closes 2014 Season

Oct 25

DeGraff OH; Shady Bowl closed out its 2014 season with the running of the All American Compact Challenge for the four cylinder front wheel drive cars. The first laps set the pace for the day as crashes slowed the field up. Ray Smith led the first two laps to claim over $200 in lap leader money. A storm was brewing behind the early leaders as Kenny George and Jimmy McElfresh made their way to the front. They traded paint and positions . They were side by side on the backchute when they make contact with McElfresh ending up in the wall. George went on to put his car in victory lane. George was disqualified for unsportsman like action. Rob Sharpe, Ryan Barrett,Corey Kyer and Larry Adams rounded out the top five.

The street stocks were also on hand. The 35 lap feature was won by Columbus resident Jacob Muncy. The win was far from easy as he was forced to start at the rear of the field after a mid race crash that left his car battered but still fast. He dominated the race to take the win. Jason Drummond , Chris Abbott, Scott Sullenberger and Josh Longstreth filled out the top five sports. Brian Brandyberry took the dash checker, with the heat going to Muncy.

The tuners were also in action. This raced proved to be one of the strangest races ever. Track champion Terry Eaton involved in a turn two crash. He was removed by EMTís after complaining of back and neck pain and put in the ambulance. The squad stopped near his pit spot. The track crew had got done with the cleanup when the ambulance door opened and Terry climbed out . He left the ambulance and returned to his car getting back in. Eaton joined the field on the restart at the rear of the field. He made a mad dash thru the field to take the win. Nick Barrett, Chris Jennings, BJ Honious and Les Rhodes finished second thru fifth. Rodney Roush was the dash winner with the heat win going to Muncy.

In prerace activities late model driver Austin Troyer made a public marriage proposal to his girlfriend Cherish Lauderback. Cherish accepted the offer. A wedding day has not been set

Shady Bowl Speedway Results 10/25/14

All American Compact Challenge 200 laps 1. Kenny George (disqualified after race for unsportsman like action by his crew) 2.Rob Sharpe 3 Ryan Barrett 4. Corey Kyer 5. Larry Adams 6. Terry Eaton 7. Ryan Smith 8. Zack Doolin 9. Nick Barrett 10. Chris Prater 11. Clayton Oliver 12 Jason Mahaffey 13. Jim Frederick 14. Dusty Harding 15. Scott Dolphin 16.Chris Jennings 17. Frank Mininger 18. Tyler Sage 19.Josh Foltz 20, Jesse Patterson 21. Devon Golsburg 22. Frank Hreha 23. Jim McElfresh 24. Kyle Stagers 25. Ray Smith 26. Harvey Wallbanger 27. Ricky Jones 28. Jordon Sage 29. Eric Phillips 30.

Larry Hatfield 31. Rob Taylor 32. A.J. Troyer 33. Eric Fordes 34. Caleb Johnson 35 Mathew Parsons 36. Morris Henson 37. Jarrod Sage 38. Shawn Vancycle 39 Lawrence Kemp 40.

Street Stocks:

Dash winner: Brian Brandeberry

Heat Winner: Jacob Muncy

Feature 35 laps: 1. Jacob Muncy 2. Jason Drummond 3. Chris Abbott 4. Scott Sullenbarger 5. Josh Longstreth 6. Ricky Young 7. Chad Small 8. Jason Burnside 9. Brian Brandyberry 10. Cory Louderback 1. Kyle Stagers


Dash Winner: Rodney Roush

Heat Winner: Nick Barrett

Feature: 1. Terry Eaton Jr. 2. Nick Barrett 3. Chris Jennings 4. D.J. Honious 5. Les Rhodes 6. Braden Tummel 7. Matt Jackson 8. Eddie Kemp 9. Justin Pope 10. Chris Crozier 11. Bill Honious 12. Damien Killen 13. Rodney Roush 14. Paul Holley