Shady Bowl Speedway
Degraff, OH

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Basye Takes Hostetler Classic


DeGraff OH: (6/28). Shady Bowl Speedway hosted one of the biggest Dwarf Car races of the season with the running of the Bill Hostetler Classic Saturday.

Hostetler and the late Max Evans were the driving force to bring dwarf car races to The Bowl. The race went off with no major crashes with the short wheel based Replica cars. The race came down to Brandon Basye, Daniel Wirrick and Greg Sparks. When the 25 lap race was done the trio finished in that order.

 Basye picked up $300.00 from Piqua Transfer for his efforts. Lynn Mitchell had a strong outing to finish fourth. Rob Dutra rounded out the top five. Wirrick posted fast time.

In late model action fans saw a wild event sponsored by Transportation Supply Depot with lots of hot tempers and sheet metal bending. Quincy’s Josh Smith made a charge from the rear of the field to the front in his Smith Motorsports ride.

The win was the third of the seaason for Smith as he continues his quest for another track championship. Jacob Muncy turned in a great job to finish second after leading the early laps. Jodn Stroble, Austin Troyer and Mark Parker.

The Modified feature was sponsored by Delille Oxygen. The race was a classic duel with Mike Carroll, Shane Shirk and Brad Williams all trying to pick up the top spot. Carroll in his McDonalds backed racer led the event with Williams and Shirk running a great battle for the second spot.
 The fans were up and cheering for their favorite driver in perhaps the best race of the season. When the checker flew it was Carroll out front with Williams and Shirk right on Carroll’s bumper and side by side, with second going to Williams. Buddy Townsend and Joe Pequignot rounded out the top five. Shirk was fast qualifier.

In street stock action Dave Sage, Rodney Roush and Ray Muncy battled all the way in the 25 lap FastLane Wash and Lube. The action was heated at times as all three drivers wanted the top spot. The finish saw Sage out front in his Sandys Muffler Camaro followed by Roush and Muncy. Aliza Snapp turned in another strong run to finish fourth. Fast qualifier Josh Sage was fifth.

The compact race was sponsored by T&M Bear Alignment of Springfield and Ohio Signs. The race quickly turned into an Eaton family battle. Gary Eaton of West Liberty and his cousin Terry Eaton and Ron Masters ( Gary’s father-in-law).

The three had a great feature with the final laps a dogfight between Gary and Terry. At the drop of the checker flag it was Gary out front in his Sarica MFG Honda. Masters was third with Chris Crozier fourth and Justin Birt .

There will no racing this weekend (July 5th) . Racing will resume on July12th.


Shady Bowl

Results 06-28-14

Late Models:

Fast Qualifier Josh Smith 13.768

Feature: 1. Josh Smith 2. Jacob Muncy 3. John Stroble 4. Austin Troyer 5. Mark Parker 6. Brad Coons 7. Dylan Troyer 8. Jim Lewis Jr. 9. Chris Abbott 10. Buddy Townsend 11. Nathan Herron


Fast Qualifier: Shane Shirk 13.586

Feature: 1. Mike Carroll 2. Brad Williams 3. Shane Shirk 4. Buddy Townsend 5. Joe Pequignot 6. Logan Mc Pherson 7. Rob Schaeff 8. Rob Yelton

Street Stocks:

Fast Qualifier: Josh Sage 15.053

Feature: 1. Dave Sage 2. Rodney Roush 3. Ray Muncy 4. Aliza Snapp 5. Josh Sage 6. Scott Sullenberger 7. Roger Thornhill 8.Richard Roush 9. Robert Roush 10. Cory Louderbach 11. Steve Snapp 12. Chad Brandyberry 13. Roger Roush 14. Buck Purtee


Fast Qualifier: Terry Eaton Jr. 15.603

Feature: 1. Gary Eaton Jr. 2. Terry Eaton Jr. 3. Ron Masters 4. Chris Crosier 5. Justin Birt 6. Damon Killen 7. Les Rhodes 8. Charlie Cronester


Fast Qualifier: Brandon Basye 13.817

Feature: 1. Brandon Basye 2. Daniel Wirrick 3. Greg Sparks 4. Lynn Mitrchell 5. Rob Dutra 6. Paul Hazlett 7. Brian Marsh 8. Connie Smith 9. Donnie Eaton 10. Jason Hitchcock