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A Great Finish to a Great Season

By: Lisa White

South Bend, IN (October 3, 2004) - Sunday was Michiana Kart Klub's Season Championship. It was also the last race at SBRP, governed by MKK officials. As of the season end and the MKK Awards Banquet, the MKK officers have elected to bring the Michiana Kart Klub to a final close.
The first race joined Yamaha Jr., Yamaha Jr. Sportsman and HPV Jr. classes. Starting off at pole for HPV Jr. was Derrick Griffin #95 with Jordan Pennington #93 outside pole. Second row inside was Nicky Delia #16 and outside second row was 4 Cycle Jr. driver Mitch Pugh in the #9 kart. Griffin took a huge lead early in the race followed by Delia and Pennington. Chuckie Hill # 91 took the lead in Yamaha Jr. with Colin Canfield #11 in the lead for Yamaha Jr. Sportsman. Pennington and Delia tossed it up a bit for second place with Pennington coming out on top. Joseph Merrill #29 also made it around Delia for third. The race finished with Griffin in first, Pennington in second and Merrill in third for HPV Jr. Hill took first for Yamaha Jr. Canfield took first for Yamaha Jr. Sportsman with Norman Krathwohl #08 in second and DJ Workman #9 taking third.

HPV 4 ran next with 10 of the heavies in the class. Pole went to Ben Wilkey #95, who is also points leader, with Chuck Yoder #10, second in points for the class, taking outside pole. Dave Skinner #89 took second row inside and Roger Butt #80 took second row outside. As the green flew, Yoder slid into first with Butt in second pushing Wilkey to third. Wilkey ducked to the inside of Butt to cleanly take second position, now looking for Yoder. Wilkey took the lead from Yoder down the front straight, turning into turn one, pushing Yoder to second with Butt in third. As Wilkey broadened the gap between himself and Yoder, he made fastest lap time of 42.314 seconds. In lap 6, Wilkey lost his exhaust pipe and had to pull off the track, handing over his first place position to Yoder. Butt tried to take first from Yoder but Yoder held onto his line and ended up taking first for the race, with Butt in second and Skinner in third.

HPV Jr. Sportsman and Intek Jr. ran together in the next race making eight racers. Pole went to Brittany Griffin #96 with outside pole to Norman Krathwohl #08. Second row inside went to Alex Devligher #94 of the Intek class and outside second row to Morgan Reynolds #9. Griffin quickly took the lead with Krathwohl in second. Devliegher took first for Intek with Reynolds threatening to take over the lead and taking it. As Griffin extended her lead over Krathwohl, Devliegher fought with Reynolds to take back the lead and the race for Intek. Devliegher took first from Reynolds, although both of them set their fastest lap times with that lap;Reynolds' time being 50.380 and Devliegher's time being 50.385 seconds. HPV Jr. Sportsman win went to Griffin with Krathwohl in second. Devliegher took the win for Intek Jr. with Reynolds in second and Kameron Green #8 in third.

4 Cycle Jr. and 4 Cycle Jr. Sportsman ran together in the next race. 4 Cycle with Kenny White #8 taking pole, new-comer Brett Farmer #24 taking outside pole. Second row inside was Tyler Brindley #3 and second row outside was Justin Jarrett in #17. Four Cycle Jr. Sportsman had Steven White #18 in pole, Patrick Callahan #9 in outside pole and Dustin Stone #28 in second row inside. White jumped into the first place spot with Brindley following closely and Farmer on his bumper in third. The three raced bumper to bumper as Farmer took the inside of Brindley and passed him for second. Farmer then looked for White who held his line, as 0.8 second separated the group. White also held fastest lap time of 46.692 seconds. Callahan took the lead from pole sitter and little brother S. White in the 4 Cycle Jr. Sportsman class. As they ran into lap traffic, K. White consolidated his lead, Farmer getting hung up behind the slower karts and Brindley behind him. Farmer and Brindley went back and forth to get second position, but Farmer ended up maintaining the second place spot. The 4 Cycle Jr. race ended with Kenny White in first, Farmer in second and Brindley in third. Callahan took first for 4 Cycle Jr. Sportsman with S. White in second.

Yamaha Sr. SSX and Animals ran in the next race with a total of 15 drivers in the race. Ryan Otterman #21 and JD Gunn #14 drove side by side as the race started, with Carter Ammerman #2 sliding off the track, but making it back on further down the pack. Van Fore #47 took the lead in Animals followed by Todd Kirts #00. Gunn took the lead from Otterman in Yamaha with Mike Burson #50 in third place. As Gunn stretched out his lead in Yamaha, Fore did the same in Animals. Mike Kalass #11 in Animals challenged Mark Wolgamott #9 for his third place position on the track, but was unable to pass and had to settle back into fourth. Gunn had fastest time for the race of 43.662 seconds while Fore had fastest time in Animals of 45.685 seconds. The race finished with Yamaha Sr. first place going to JD Gunn, second to Otterman and third to Stacy Martin #5. Animals finished with Fore in first, Kirts in second and Wolgamott holding onto third.

HPV 3 and Spec 100 Med. ran in the next race. Matt Long # 27 took pole with Bart Libert #4 in outside pole, Frank Dixon #16 in second row inside and Bill True #63 outside second row. Long got the jump on the start with Libert in second. Brian Jacobson #0 made his way up to third and took second from Libert. Jacobson then hunted down Long and took the first place position. With 3 laps to go, Long pulled off the track, apparantly with a mechanical difficulty. The race finished with Jacobson coming in first, Libert in second and Dixon in third. Erik Fisher #3 took first for Spec 100 Med. class.

Shifters and Rotax ran in the last race with Bill Conlin #25 in pole, Rob Slocum #33 outside pole, Arman Daniel #57 inside second row and Jared Slocum #87 outside second row for the 125cc Shifters. Rusty Ferguson #90 ran his 80cc Shifter inside third row. Josh Menting #41 in his Rotax Jr. ran along side Sam Lee #8 and Gary Cambell #3 ran his Rotax International. As the race started, Conlin took first position followed by a hot R.Slocum right on his tail. R.Slocum took first as Conlin turned too wide in the hairpin, setting himself back to third and giving second to J.Slocum. Ferguson took a wild loop and stalled his kart, ending his race. J.Slocum passed his father R.Slocum to take first. R.Slocum spun on the track and pulled off. Menting lead Lee in the Rotax Jr., but Lee passed him in lap 7, taking first. Menting caught back up with Lee and took first back, but gave it up again to Lee. The race finished with J.Slocum in first, Conlin in second and Daniel in third. Rotax Jr. win went to Lee with Menting in second.

Race results are as follows:
Yamaha Jr. Sportsman
- Colin Canfield #70, Norman Krathwohl #08, DJ Workman #23
Yamaha Jr. - Chuckie Hill #91, David Mitchell #26
Yamaha Sr. - JD Gunn #14, Ryan Otterman #21, Stacy Martin #5
Spec 100 Med - Erik Fisher #38
HPV Jr. Spts -Brittany Griffin #96,Norman Krathwohl #08
HPV Jr. - Derrick Griffin #95, Jordan Pennington #93, Joseph Merrill #29
HPV 3 Sr. Med -Brian Jacobson #0, Bart Libert #4, Frank Dixon #16
HPV 4 Heavy -Chuck Yoder #10, Roger Butt #80, Dave Skinner #89
125cc Shifter - Jared Slocum #87, Rob Slocum #33
80 cc Shifters - Rusty Ferguson #65
Rotax Jr. - Sam Lee #8, Josh Menting #41
Rotax International - Gary Campbell #3
4 Cycle Jr. Spts -Patrick Callahan #9, Steven White #18
4 Cycle Jr. - Kenny White #8, Brett Farmer #24, Tyler Brindley #3
Intek Jr - Alex Devliegher #94, Morgan Reynolds #9, Kameron Green #8
Animal Sr. - Van Fore #47, Todd Kirts #00, Mark Wolgamott #9

I want to thank MKK for a terrific season of racing. I also want to thank Mike Ridenour for his colorful announcing at the track and Allison Long and April Hancock for their tireless work in scoring in the tower. Thanks to all the corner workers who were at the track this season, without whom, there would be no racing at all. Thank you to all the MKK Officers and Board of Directors who made this season safe and fair for all the drivers. Thanks to all the drivers, pit crews and families who made racing fun this year. Most of all, thanks to Michiana Kart Klub for its' 35+ years of family fun.

For more on the MKK schedule, pictures and points, log onto . Also, go to for more info on track location, pit spots and track schedule.



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