Kamp Motor Speedway
Boswell, IN

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Plans for Kamp in 2010

As the New Year arrives changes are in the works for us. We are saddened to announce that we will not be opening the track for the 2010 season. This decision is from health reasons both here and in Paducah Kentucky. Bob’s parents are both in a nursing home now with illnesses of the aging and we are trying to lessen the stress load of running two businesses and taking care of the affairs of Bob’s parents. The economy is another factor in our decision. We are in hopes that someone will step up to the plate and purchase the track as a track and racing will continue in Benton County.

At this time the track is for sale but there has been no tangible offers. Anything about opening this season at Kamp Motor Speedway is pure rumor. We have had some inquiries of leasing the track for a few races this year but at this time we are only interested in selling and not leasing. If and when the track sells we will make that announcement.

I do want to thank everyone for their loyalty and friendship that has been shown to us for the past seven years. The friendship part of the racing has been what has kept us going.

Gayle Kamp
Kamp Motor Speedway, LLC