Fairbury American Legion Speedway
Fairbury, IL


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Fairbury American Legion Speedway Awards Banquet
Recap & Photos by Rocky Ragusa

Fairbury, Illinois (11/14/15) A crowd of 350 drivers and their families, crews, track officials, and fans gathered at the Walton Center in Fairbury Saturday night for the annual awards banquet.

Following a meal, Hunter Sayers of Racing411 Motorsports Media presented a video with highlights from the Prairie Dirt Classic and the Casey's General Store Modified Nationals. Track announcer, Mike Norris introduced Race Director, Matt Curl and Marketing Director, Gunner Sullivan. During the World of Outlaws Awards banquet in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Legion Speedway was presented the 2015 Promoter of the Year by World of Outlaw Director, Tim Christman.

During the off season, Fairbury and Farmer City Raceway teamed up to have a dual track point fund for drivers in three classes. Kevin Weaver (Late Models), Jay Ledford (Modified), and Luke Gash (Street Stock) took the top honors.

Ricky Bane returned for the year to sponsor the Alkota ''Keep It Clean'' series, honoring drivers for the hard charging moves. Kevin Weaver took the honors and received a pressure washer, valued at over $3500. Rick Thomas was the runner up.

The evening was concluded with the Fairbury awards, as the top ten in each class was presented a trophy and point fund. Luke Gash took his first ever championship in the Street Stock class, to go along with his UMP National Championship. Richie Rich was awarded the Sportsman Championship. Jay Ledford took his second straight Modified title. Veteran wheelman, Kevin Weaver elected to race closer to home this year with many tracks having higher paying races thru out the season. Weaver was second in points at Farmer City and took his third title at Fairbury.

Fairbury is working on the 2016 track schedule and it should be ready in December at the P.R.I. show in Indianapolis.

Alkota "Keep It Clean" series class winners Don Hilleary (Street Stock), Steven Mattingly (Sportsman),
 Ricky Bane representing Alkota, Kevin Weaver (Late Model), Ryan Shiflett representing Jeff Curl

Matt Curl and Gunner Sullivan with the World of Outlaws " Promoter of the Year" award

Dual track Champions for the Street Stocks Lance Spieker (Farmer City promoter), Luke Gash (champion), Curtis Radke,
Josh Hetherington, December Williams (Bull Dog Motorsports, title sponsor),Matt Curl

Dual track champions for the Modified class Lance Spieker, Jay Ledford (champion), Lance Dehm, Jeffrey Ledford,
Jeb Friedman, Jeff Roach (Roach Construction, title sponsor), Matt Curl 

.Modifed top ten Lance Dehm, Dave Porth, Jay Ledford, Jeb Friedman, Nick Clubb, Chris Gaither
Jeffrey Ledford, Dustin Mounce, Cullen Breeden

 Sportsman top ten Steven Mattingly, Eric Legner, Brian Albus, Scott Williams, Bandon Pralle
Eric Saltzman, Richie Rich, Amber Crouch, Anthony Craven

Late Model top ten Daniel Flessner, Daren Friedman, Kevin Weaver, McKay Wenger, Scott Bull, Steve Thorsten

Dual track top five for the Late Models Lance Spieker, Kevin Weaver (champion), Scott Bull, McKay Wenger,
Matt Curl Bradberry Auto Sales was the title sponsor

 Street Stock top ten Don Hilleary, Barry Sauder, Luke Gash, Rick Thomas, Darrin Kohler, Curtis Radke
Justin Nelson, Eric Gaus, A.J. Meiferdt