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2016 Winchester Speedway CRA Dates Announced

ARCA/CRA Super Series to Sanction 45th Annual Winchester 400

Salem, IN (November 3, 2015) - Winchester Speedway owner Charlie Shaw and Champion Racing Association Powered by JEGS officials have announced that all four CRA divisions will return to the famous High Banks of Winchester Speedway in 2016 with the very popular Labor Day Weekend World Stock Car Festival and the show no one wants to miss, the 45th Annual Winchester 400 Weekend.

There will be an open practice on Saturday, September 3rd for all four CRA divisions. All four CRA Divisions will practice and qualify and there will be preliminary events for the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour, Vore's Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman and Stealth Trailer CRA Street Stocks on Sunday, September 4th. The ARCA/CRA Super Series, Vore's Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman and Stealth Trailer CRA Street Stocks will all run feature events on Monday afternoon, September 5th.

The 45th Annual Winchester 400 Weekend will have preliminary events for the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour, Vore's Welding CRA Late Model Sportsman and Stealth Trailer CRA Street Stocks on Friday, October 7th and Saturday, October 8th. The ARCA/CRA Super Series will once again sanction the running of the prestigious 45th Annual Winchester 400 on Sunday afternoon, October 9th.

Additional track and event information can be found at

More information on all four CRA Powered by JEGS divisions is available at




Extensive Engine Testing Completed Following Winchester 400 Weekend

Salem, IN (October 15, 2015) - Officials from Champion Racing Association (CRA) and Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (SEAL), announced today that they have completed the most extensive engine dyno testing and comparisons since the inception of S.E.A.L.  Following events surrounding CRA's Winchester 400 weekend, CRA officials pulled three different crate engine packages (Ford, Chevy and MEP) and four different Super Late Model packages (Hamner Sealed, McGunegill Sealed, Progressive Sealed and a Southern Parts Package).  Officials engineered an impressive day of dyno runs on Monday at McGunegill Engine Performance in Indiana, when they tested all seven engines in one day.  Those present for the testing on different parts of that day included team members and engine builders, along with CRA's Chief Technical Inspector Eddie Chew and CRA's Director of Operations Greg Wood.

To further authenticate the results of the initial testing on Monday, CRA officials loaded up the three sealed Super Late Model engines, and took them to Hamner Racing Engines in Alabama, where additional dyno runs were made with engine builder Jeff Hamner and Southern Super Series Chief Technical director Ricky Brooks participating in the process on Wednesday.  When all runs were completed, all manufacturers and officials present were very pleased with outcome of the combined dyno runs.

"We have learned a great deal these last 3 days," noted Chew.  "The most important thing we've learned is that these different Super Late Model packages we've worked so hard to develop, are almost identical in performance...achieving our original goals"

Brooks further noted, "It's important that we continue to do these comparisons, to check the engine builders, and give the racers peace of mind.  I know everyone put in a lot of hard work these last few days, including the teams they took engines from, but it was well worth it."

While the main focus of the testing was the Super Late Model packages, officials gathered additional data with the crate packages.  "We found the packages to be similar, like we expected," commented Wood, "but we will continue to do even more work in this area, as any major differences can be so critical with the lower horsepower crate engines.''

Wood went on to note, "It's also important to recognize the efforts everyone put in these past few days.  We took significant time away from the businesses of DeWaine McGunegill and Jeff Hamner and relied heavily on the efforts of Eddie Chew and Ricky Brooks.  We can't say enough about the commitment of these people to stay focused on doing things the right way, as well as the teams that cooperated after a long weekend of racing.  Our industry is better off because of all their efforts."

More information on all the CRA Series is available at