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Wolfe Resigns PR for AMRA

Sept 9

RACINE, OHIO-The American Motor Racing Association has announced that Scott Wolfe, Director of Public Relations, and President of the AMRA will be stepping down as Director of Public Relations of the AMRA because of new employment opportunities. Wolfe has been the Administrative Assistant for Southern Local Schools in Racine, where he has taken on more duties under that realm.

Wolfe has served the AMRA in the public relations department since the middle of 2008, and had previously served as Director of Racing Operations for the organization for four years. Wolfe relinquished that role in February of 2014. Wolfe has indicated he will stay on as a board member for the AMRA, although he may not continue as President of the Organization.

The American Motor Racing Association is a regionally based sanctioning body for dirt Modifieds and Late Models in the Midwest with offices currently based in Racine, Ohio.

Wolfe indicated that he will continue to work for Atomic Speedway, Chillicothe, Ohio as its Public Relations contact. Wolfe has worked at Atomic Speedway for 26 years, while also working in the PR business at Skyline Speedway for 15 years and also for West Virginia Motor Speedway. Much of the time Wolfe raced and did the write-ups the same night, spending 30 years driving a late model. He also has worked in the newspaper business for 30 years and is a regular contributing writer for Dirt Late Model Magazine and Dirt Modified Magazine.

“I want everyone to know that I support the AMRA one hundred percent,” said Wolfe. “And that I am not leaving because of any issues with the AMRA. There are only 24 hours in a day, and you have to take care of the things that pay the bills; and take care of your family.”

“I have enjoyed my work with the AMRA family and cherish the relationships I have made over the past few years with the drivers, crews, promoters, colleagues, sponsors, trade representatives, and racing fans. Special thanks to members of the media that continue to support us. The AMRA is a great organization and a strong organization; an organization that is necessary to the success of dirt track racing in the Ohio and West Virginia area and beyond.”

The AMRA has paid out over three-quarters of a million dollars in point money over the past 20 years. Drivers in the AMRA have proven to be among the best in the nation with several being recently inducted to the inaugural Dirt Modified Hall of Fame.

Wolfe cited that he thinks that the work that has taken place within the AMRA organization over the past couple years has strengthened the group; and has fortified the foundation for the future.

“Three things I wanted to do was to boost the Late Model point fund, secure more sponsorship for the entire organization, and expand the series to other areas,” said Wolfe. “I didn’t do that. The economy is still not where it needs to be and those three things didn’t happen. But there is hope that it might happen not so far down the road. I hope we have laid the groundwork for this. It all takes money.”

“Another thing on my wish list was to streamline the public relations efforts from the speedways we represent. The AMRA can only do so much. We have a first class website, but the website is only as good as the information people send us to put on it. Several tracks still do not have anyone that regularly turns out a write-up for the race results, post race reports, or for pre-race publicity. I don’t know how fans or potential fans can get excited about racing if they don’t know about it. Too many times I have heard officials say the ‘results are on the internet’, or simply they (track officials) just turn in a flyer with information on it to a local newspaper.”

“I have found that if you give a newspaper or radio station a story they will often print it-- at least in part—if it is grammatically correct and accurate, but if you just give them (newspapers) a piece of paper or a flyer and they have to re-work everything, it most likely is going in the trash can.”

“Building relationships, positive relationships is the key to success.”

Wolfe cited that 95 percent of his experiences with the AMRA and dealing with rules’ enforcement and driver infractions has been positive. As a whole the drivers were great in getting their cars to comply He notes the AMRA is a great deal for race tracks as there are no sanctioning fees like most other sanctioning bodies.

The goal of every driver is to win and as a member of AMRA those drivers who succeed get an additional reward in addition to track winnings. The point fund is a significant deal anywhere in the country.

“I think a tire deal would be good for the Late Models if it brought money to the drivers,” added Wolfe. “It has made for some great racing in the modifieds. Some people don’t like tire rules, but some of the ones that don’t like it are the same ones that accept the point money paid by the companies that make the tires. I have never seen anyone turn down their point money.”

“I am not talking about different tires than what most local racers have now. Anything between a 1300 and 1500 compound maybe; or something the drivers traditionally buy as to not add to the expense of buying tires.”

“I would like to thank Angie and Mike Haught for the tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work and the on-site work that they have done for AMRA, for the tracks, and for the drivers. They are tireless workers. I would like to thank the PR guys that made my end of the job easier, and for Jenni Fussell for her work on the website and facebook page. I would like to thank the tech inspectors—the guys out in the field who have a thankless job. I would like to thank Dave Poske for his encouragement and friendship, and finally thanks to all the racing folks that have been and continue to be an important part of my life.”

Special thanks goes out to Gerry Loudin and Amanda Carsey who faithfully contributed to getting results in for an AMRA news release.

“Most importantly, I would like to thank my family for the countless number of hours I have had to spend on the computer; I thank them for their patience and love. I hope that ultimately I will have more time to spend with them and more time to promote the Lord and all of His blessings; perhaps promoting both racing and God’s glory.”



Scott D. Wolfe

Administrative Assistant

Southern Local Schools

740-949-4222 Ext. 1400