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AMRA Weekend Results/Dunn Memorial /Hillbilly 100 News

Hilltop/Midway AMRA Results/ Hillbilly 100 News

Aug 6

RACINE, OHIO-Rain claimed most everyone's Saturday night venue, however, Friday night Hilltop kicked off a big modified weekend that included the AMRA/Rod Ohio River Shootout won by Kyle Strickler an Sunday, Midway hosted the Jim Dunn Memorial won by Tyler Carpenter in the Late Models. J.P. Roberts claimed the win at I-77 in the Mods and Chris Garnes won the Late Models. Hillbilly 100 news at bottom of this release!

Tyler Carpenter Claims Dunn Memorial

Boz Daugherty Takes Steel Blocks

Kevin Morehouse Mod Master

CROOKSVILLE, OHIO-Winning the biggest race of his young career, talented dirt master Tyler Carpenter claimed the $5,000 to win paycheck Sunday night in the historic 29th annual Jim Dunn Memorial at Midway Speedway, Sunday, August 3. Driving the #28 Kevin Morehouse from Hanover, Ohio captured the AMRA Modified Feature and Boz Daugherty took the Steel block main. Zack Perine returned to his winning ways in the MOVE Mods, Alex Dunlap won the Mini-Wedge main, and Clint Carsey won the Enduro.

With many hard-hitters signed into the pit area, it was any fans' guess who would take home the Jim Dunn crown. Past winners included some of the best names in dirt track racing, including many Dirt Late Model "Hall of Famers". Tyler Carpenter of Parkersburg, West Virginia added his name to that list.

Carpenter put his mount out front and immediately blitzed to the high-side of the race track and really never looked back at the stiff competition. In the early going, Chris Carpenter battled tooth-and-nail with Devin Moran, while Freddie Carpenter dueled in a similar fashion with George Lee for position. Meanwhile, one of the biggest slugfests of the night was the battle between Richmond, Indiana driver Steve Casebolt, Jr. and 4-time AMRA Champion Chris Garnes.

Ten laps in a Justin Powell spin tightened the field and gave Casebolt a break and a stab toward the front. Moran and Chris Carpenter battled for second with Casebolt, Garnes, and Moran often racing two-wide for multiple laps. Tyler Carpenter-- known locally as the Kamikaze Kid --was indeed daring, but without the hassle of fighting with the competition. Carpenter raced into a different time zone in total domination.

Another caution just shy of Midway again tightened up the action. Carpenter and Casebolt both dove under Carpenter, but his momentum off the high-side of turn two allowed him to bolt away, while that pair diced it up for position. Corey Conley, Travis Brookover, and Freddie Carpenter continued to battle into the top ten with hopes of a drive into the top five.

At the finish it was Carpenter six car lengths ahead of second place Casebolt. Rounding out the top ten were 1. 28 Tyler Carpenter , 2. C9 Steve Casebolt , 3. 18 Chris Carpenter , 4. 99M Devin Moran , 5. 42 Chris Garnes , 6. 14 Corey Conley , 7. C4 Freddie Carpenter , 8. 9 Shane McGlaughlin , 9. 12B Travis Brookover , and 10. 30 Todd Brennan.

Many good cars filtered through the gates for the Steel Block main, but in the end it was Boz Daugherty taking home the checkered after an embattled skiff with Vic Hottinger. Rounding out the top ten were 3. F1 Nico Dabecco , 4. 3H Jay Helton , 5. 34C Pete Crum , 6. 39 Eric Foster , 7. 25 Ted Johnson Jr , 8. 2 Tom Bruck , 9. 14 Hayden Porter , and 10. 29 Scott Smith.

It's always exciting with Kevin Morehouse in the "house" and Sunday was not different. The modified bout was a slugfest between many top hitters, including Nathan Loney, who enjoyed a great weekend, and "worth the price of admission" and five-time AMRA champ Kenny Johnson.

When all was said and done, it was Morehouse bringing home the victory. Behind second place Loney and rounding out the top ten were 3. 7V Kenny Johnson , 4. 41 Kyle Brown , 5. 7L Mark Luning , 6. 280Jimmy Smith , 7. 37 Brandon Patton , 8. 999 Scott Shelhorn , 9. T58 Tom Arnott , and 10. 11 Jesse Rupe.

Zach Perine and Coleton Perine made it a family affair, battling heavily into the evening with multiple race winner Gary Gould on their coat-tails. Zach Perine was first in the buffet line and the pay window with an impressive win over Coleton Perine, and Gould. Rounding out the finish were 4. 17J Jim Ludwig , 5. 83 Josh Davis , 6. 64F Brian Filkins , 7. 1 Carl Anders , 8. T5 Ted Tucker , and 9. 56 Tommy Powell.

Alex Dunlap carried the checkered flag in the mini-wedges and Clint Carsey took the Enduro win. Racing returns to Midway Aug 8 for Kids Night, a Bike Race and School Supply Night ! Fans are asked to bring school supplies for the kids in what is going to be a fun-filled night!


The Summary: August 3, 2014

The Jim Dunn Memorial

Late Model : 1. 28 Tyler Carpenter , 2. C9 Steve Casebolt , 3. 18 Chris Carpenter , 4. 99M Devin Moran , 5. 42 Chris Garnes , 6. 14 Corey Conley , 7. C4 Freddie Carpenter , 8. 9 Shane McGlaughlin , 9. 12B Travis Brookover , 10. 30 Todd Brennan , 11. 50 Ronnie Mayle , 12. 7M Michael Davis , 13. 61 George Lee , 14. 83 Steve Prince , 15. 53C Andy Bond , 16. 2 Rick Mardis , 17. 20 Randy Davis , 18. 88D Jimmy Smith , 19. J30 Justin Powell , 20. 77 John Church , 21. 33 Jason Powell , 22. 48 Willie Bigham - DNS

FasTrak / Steelblock : 1. 22 Boz Daugherty , 2. 4H Vic Hottinger , 3. F1 Nico Dabecco , 4. 3H Jay Helton , 5. 34C Pete Crum , 6. 39 Eric Foster , 7. 25 Ted Johnson Jr , 8. 2 Tom Bruck , 9. 14 Hayden Porter , 10. 29 Scott Smith , 11. B52 Bub Crum - DNS

Modified : 1. 1028 Kevin Morehouse , 2. 10 Nathan Loney , 3. 7V Kenny Johnson , 4. 41 Kyle Brown , 5. 7L Mark Luning , 6. 280 Jimmy Smith , 7. 37 Brandon Patton , 8. 999 Scott Shelhorn , 9. T58 Tom Arnott , 10. 11 Jesse Rupe , 11. R00 Michael Robinson , 12. 10 Kyle Bond , 13. LT2 Terry Hinkle , 14. 9R JP Roberts , 15. C7 Casey Fritz , 16. 14J Jeremy Jarvis , 17. 23 Darrel Mayer , 18. 32 Chad Roush - DNS


Consi Not Transferring : 50 Aaron Patton , 110 Larry Bond -DNS , 1Y Aaron Pendleton - DNS

M.O.V.E. Modified : 1. 8 Zack Perine , 2. 8C Coleton Perine , 3. 29 Gary Gould , 4. 17J Jim Ludwig , 5. 83 Josh Davis , 6. 64F Brian Filkins , 7. 1 Carl Anders , 8. T5 Ted Tucker , 9. 56 Tommy Powell - DQ

Mini Wedge : 1. 3D Alex Dunlap , 2. 44 Pierce Newlon , 3. 17C JR Curry , 4. 25K Kaylee Carsey , 5. 7C Carsyn Lawrence

Enduro : 1. 25K Clint Carsey , 2. 77R Howard Rock , 3. 14 Chris Sims , 4. 07 Kelly Rutter , 5. 78 Dusty Dady

Next Race : Aug 8 : Kids Night , Bike Race , School Supply Night !



Hilltop Cash to Cline, Strickler



MARIETTA, OHIO-The Legendary Hilltop Speedway in Marietta hosted an AMRA Octane Modified double-header with the Renegades of Dirt Friday, August 1 in what was dubbed the Ohio River Shootout. Twenty-Five AMRA modifieds were on hand to support the show with a total of 35 from seven states registering for the event.Playing host to night #1 of the “Ohio River Shootout”, A $1,500 dollar winners prize awaited winner Kyle Strickler, "The Highside Tickler". D.J. Cline claimed the power-packed AMRA feature event, an event made possible through the efforts of owner/promoter Lhan Weppler, who stood behind his AMRA contingent.

Derek Doll won the AMRA Late Model Main with Doll and Steve Weigle taking heat wins.

In the AMRA Modified feature Nick Corbitt bobbled high and opened the door for D.J. Cline to take the lead, where he soon felt the pressure from Tyler Evans after a restart. Cline started to pull away and won by several car lengths at the finish.

AMRA drivers were well represented in the RoD event! Only the top five for the feature were released at press time. Three of the top five were AMRA drivers. The AMRA appreciats the support it received last Friday night.

AMRA representative and organization secretary said, "We have the greatest bunch of guys in this world in the AMRA. It was a great AMRA show and great showing from our drivers."

Renegades of Dirt Ohio River Shootout $1,500 to win feature finish saw Stanley, NC’s Taylor Cook set the events' overall fast time at a 14.734. Rich Michael Jr. and Tyler Nicely set the pace to the green in the Renegade event, but after a battle between Cook and Strickler, Strickler brought home the win. That duo raced through traffic when Taylor Cook went to the top to take the lead back from Strickler. Cook hit the wall to end his evening.

Night two of the RoD at Ohio Valley was rained out.


Renegades Of Dirt

Top 5

1) 8 Kyle Strickler

2) 17x Rich Michael Jr

3) 16 Travis Dickson

4) 28B Jason Brookover

5) 17t Tyler Evans


AMRA Modified Feature Finish

Top 5

1) 4 DJ Cline

2) 17t Tyler Evans

3) 17 Robbie Evans

4) 45 Nick Corbitt

5) 16 Travis Dickson

6) 1st Brett Hamilton

7) B4 Jeremy Blake

8) 794 Mark Martin

9) 1J Kenny Johnson

10) 00 Chris Dickson

11) R2 Roy Roush

12) 10R Robin Ours

13) 0 Mark Dickson

14) Dusty Boley

15) R3 Frankie Roush

16) T58 Tom Arnott

17) 4x Tyler Hendrix

18) 28B Jason Brookover


AMRA Late Model Feature


Top 5

1) 87 Derek Doll

2) 01 Andy Bond

3) 75 Steve Weigle

4) 53c Bob Adams Jr

5) 7 Dan Morrison


I-77 Results


August 1st Feature Finishes at I-77 Raceway Park

Chris Garnes
Jeremy Berwanger
Steve Lucas
Travis Brookover
Freddie Carpenter
Ralph Withem
Brian Casey
Brock Morris
Jake Keaton
Vince Toler
Ryan Casto
Johnny Vandale
Nelson Freshour
Bubba McDonald
Mike Taylor
Tyler Carpenter
Corey DeLancey
Will Brogan Jr.
Kenney Newhouse
Cody Walker
Tyler French

JP Roberts
Vince Conrad
Rick Venham
Kyle Bond
Cliff Crank
Dylan Shafer
Jeremy Jarvis
Shawn Rhodes
Jacob Shafer
Joe Hamon
Cody Faulk
Robert Huffman
Raymond Huffman
James Dennis
Mark Huffman
David Dennis
Brandon Mullins
Terry Martin
Charlie Martin

Chris Garnes
Harold Redman Jr.
Travis Brookover
Zach Milbee
Buddy Brogan III
Tim Dohm
Joey Harper
Nick Dohm
Eric Foster
Dustin Nach
Anthony Huber
JR Gibson
Kode A. Frame
Jacob Curnette
Cameron Logan
Freddie Carpenter
Zach Hill
Frankie Hall


Ripley, WV - The 46th Annual Hillbilly 100 paying $25,000 to win is just 3 weeks away and I-77 Raceway Park is gearing up for West Virginia's biggest racing weekend. For the third year in a row I-77 Raceway Park will play host to dirt racing's oldest "Crown Jewel" the Hillbilly Hundred. Long known as the BIGGEST paying "ONE DAY DIRT TRACK RACE IN AMERICA" the Hillbilly 100 will once again be sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Late Model Series that boast the best dirt drivers in America.

Saturday night's program will see the best local and regional drivers competing in several divisions.

Saturday, August 30th, the gates will open at 2:00 p.m. where fans and drivers will be able to take part in some great concession food, vendor trailers and much more. The evenings show will get started with hot laps at 7:00 p.m. and qualifying for the "Hillbilly 50" steel block late models to start at 7:30 p.m. and then the program for the AMRA Modifieds and the EDGE Hot Mods. The "Hillbilly 50" has become a fan favorite and is always one of the best races of the weekend but the modifieds and the hot mods promise to be just as exciting.

Sunday, August 31st gates will open at 12:00 p.m. for the 46th annual Hillbilly 100 paying a cool $25,000 to win. Late model practice will start at 7:00 p.m. with qualifying at 7:30 p.m. and racing to start at 8:00 p.m.

2014 will see a new division added to the Saturday night program. The exciting EDGE Hot Mod class will be making their first appearance at I-77 Raceway Park. "We are very excited to add this fast growing class to Saturday nights program and to be working with EDGE Motorsport's Cody Watson and John Watson from EDGE and Tyler County Speedway" stated I-77 Raceway's Kenney Newhouse. Kenney Newhouse went on to say "we want to thank John and Cody for their help and for making this a Qualifier for their Workin’ Mans World Championship race on September 19th at Tyler County Speedway". "We would also be remiss if we didn't mention all of the help from Steve Davis that was instrumental in the formation of this class" said Hillbilly promoter Carl Short.

Hillbilly Weekend Advanced Tickets on sale now thru August 22nd. Order Forms are available at

For more information on the EDGE Hot Mod Rules visit

EDGE Contact: 304-771-5051 or

For more information on I-77 Raceway Park and Hillbilly 100 weekend visit

I-77 Raceway Park Contact: 304-373-1110 or

Octane Race Products is the AMRA Modified sponsor. Other fine sponsors of the AMRA Modified series are Dave Poske’s Performance Parts, Malta Doors and Windows, Wrisco Industries, Hoosier Racing Tire/Hoosier Tire Ohio Valley, Carthage Auto Parts, AERO Racing Wheels, Rocket Chassis, Two-Brothers Racing, Lincoln Welders & Lincoln Electric, Hypercoils, Bazell Race Fuels, Alky Racing Alcohol and Sunoco Race Fuels, Impact Racing, ADP Rivets, RCI, OTR Filters, MSD Ignition, Wilwood Brakes, Kluhsman Racing Components (KRC), Evans Vinyl Signs, Winters Performance Products, Bilstein Shocks, AFCO, PST Drive Shafts, Schoenfeld, Killer Bee Race Bodies, Bell Racing Helmets, The Bumper Man, and Pike Street Lanes. Join the AMRA now!-America’s Open Wheeled Modified’s Most Competitive Series!

Drivers and Fans can seek updates on or the AMRA FaceBook page. The AMRA wishes to thank to all of the racers and promoters who have supported and participated in the past and to those continuing to support and participate in the AMRA. For more information about the AMRA, visit or visit their facebook page.